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It is no secret that the question « how to win at online casinos? » lot of gamblers who prefer online casinos to real casinos. The demand is known, creates supply, so the network has a huge variety of sites in different languages promises to teach you how to win at slot machines or roulette. However, such service is not always offered for free.

I hope you have already noticed and appreciated the fact that the portal Casinoz.me not considering their readers as a source of income and not allow himself to get your attention of cheap populism. In this article we will examine various aspects of the game (bonuses, rules, payout percentages, strategy and so on), trying to give you the most accurate and useful information.

Hope all this will help you to win money at the next visit the online casino. We offer to your attention information we will reinforce the facts of the rules-known virtual gambling houses.

The selection of the right casino
The main criteria for choosing a casino few, and all of them we looked at earlier in a separate article, so here will mention them briefly.

Honesty – does it have to be a casino with an impeccable reputation. Whats the point of winning if the payout you can say no for some ridiculous reason.

Games – carefully read the casino games and the interest payments on it. Of course, the classic game you find in all institutions, but more profitable varieties (e.g. French roulette) offer, not all of them.

Restrictions – almost all casinos there are restrictions for players from certain countries. Frankly, in many of the best online casinos in the world do not accept clients from a number of States. In addition, there may be restrictions on bonuses and so on.

Bonuses – this is often the main factor when choosing a casino, but it is worth noting that many, in their desire to win money, too lazy to learn the rules of the bonuses, leading to deep frustration.

Also it is useful to read the reviews of customers about the level of service, professionalism and responsive customer support, the speed of insertion and withdrawal and so on.

In General, we will assume that you are very seriously approached the selection of online casino.

Bonuses and their wagering
Huge variety of bonuses in the online gambling and screaming about the generosity of these proposals, advertising on the casino sites create a feeling that you are flooded with money as soon as you become a client of one of these institutions. Bonuses are offered for signing up, making deposits, for regular visits, for playing on certain machines, for deposits by these methods, and so on.

In one of the articles on the portal Casino,В we have discussed in detail the main types of bonuses, so their essence to explain here will not. It would be useful to examine the most common pitfalls that may come across an inexperienced customer, attracted by incredible promises.

I have to say that all of the bonuses offered at online casinos, there is one characteristic feature: at first glance, they seem to be much more profitable than it actually is. Remember that the casino considers a bonus is not in the same plane as the players. If your bonuses are an additional opportunity to win money, then it is a means of attracting new customers and maintaining old interest. Catch the difference? To lure the player into the virtual walls of an online casino because you can and without significant cost (or even no cost).

Thats why every generous at first glance, the bonus offer has many different nuances, detailed in the rules of the casino. No matter what kind of bonus you have accrued (registration, Deposit, sticky or even any), just the money you remove. First, you need to perform every one of the conditions put forward by the institution. Below we consider the main of these points, reinforcing them with examples from real online casinos.

The General principle of wagering

The wagering requirements the bonus is called the wagering requirement (from the English. wager requirements). First of all, that bonus money is converted into real money that can be withdrawn from the casino, they need to play, making bets on a certain amount.

For example, consider the EU Casino. This reputable casino offers new customers 50-100% bonuses on your first five deposits of $500 to $1,500 each. That is, during the first funding for the expense of $500, you will receive an additional $500. A tempting opportunity to win money, but thats just bonus money that you have yet to translate into the category of real. To learn how to do this, go to the Bonus terms.

There, among other things, we can read that after you receive a Deposit bonus the player will be able to withdraw the funds from the casino only after he makes bets for the amount is 30 times more than the total size of the Deposit and the bonus. In other words, in our case, the Deposit of $500 and the same bonus we will have to make bets on $500 $500=$1000*30=$30 000.

Here it is said that when receiving no Deposit bonuses (those which have been credited to your account from your side), you need to make bets in the amount of 80 points.

Limit during the wagering
However, when wagering, take another careful look at the rules. It is possible that it can be done in all games, and almost certainly, not all games to offset wagering will go the full amount of the bets. In confirmation of these words lets give an example of a solid as casino.

e first Deposit bonus here you need to wager 30 times. It is only on the bonus amount without taking into account the size of the Deposit. That is, getting $100 as a bonus, you must wager $3000. Only now, if you decide to do it in blackjack, know that out of every $10 that you put on stake, the wager will be available for only $1 (that is, 10%). And craps and does 5%.

Such restrictions casinos offer on the best for games: video poker, blackjack, craps and others. As a result, users are forced to wager the bonuses for less profitable for them slot machines, keno, arcade games and so on.

In addition, there may be a limit on the maximum bet during wagering. This is done in order to reduce the probability of a random big win on the bonus money (more on this item was considered in the article « setting forth the maximum amount of bet at the wagering requirement » ).

« National rules » in online casinos freepokiesland

Of course, the title above is facetious, but the truth in it. In many casinos, there are more strict rules for players from certain countries. Not to be unfounded, we present excerpts from the rules for obtaining and wagering bonuses a great online casino Europa.

« We reserve the right to insist that players from Denmark played the Deposit and bonus twenty (20) times for the minimum wagering requirements before withdrawals from the casino account… to players from the UK, Peru, Ecuador, Argentina, Romania, Hungary, Thailand, Malaysia, Latvia, Slovak Republic, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Uruguay, Costa Rica played the Deposit and bonus thirty (30) times… the Players from Brazil are not eligible to receive bonuses. »

The reasons for such restrictions can be different, but this is often due to a large number of so-called bonus-hunters among players from these countries. Constantly faced with the attempts of the citizens of the States to win money through the bonus and leave the casino, the administration decides to do the bonus conditions for them more stringent.